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Ready to sell on Amazon? We are Vendor Central, Seller Central & FBA experts.

Amazon Vendor Central

Amazon Vendor Central

Selling products on Amazon is an exciting new world but it can also be confusing. SpotRed specializes in guiding product companies on how to navigate Amazon Vendor Central. We know how to optimize your workflow.

Amazon Seller Central

Amazon Seller Central

Seller Central is open to anyone and has many great advantages for the smallest of seller to the largest product companies. SpotRed has countless hours of Seller Central development, implementation, and optimization experience.

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA

Do you want to be a Prime Seller, Save on Shipping Costs, or reduce your storage overhead? Let us explain how Fulfillment by Amazon can streamline your online sales, product management, and shipping.

A selling machine

It has been said that up to 80% of all product searches now originate on Amazon’s site. That’s right, when is the last time you received an order from Amazon? They are a selling machine. We have become Amazon selling experts out of necessity. Shopping for products has never been easier and we want you to benefit from it today, not five years from now. Your customers like purchasing options and simplicity, so let them shop for your product on Amazon Seller Central.



It starts with your goals. We’ll evaluate your needs and recommend the correct path. There are plenty of flexible integration options.

Brand Registry

Protect your brand and uphold product value. We can register your trademark with Amazon so you will have more control of your product listings.


We don’t just list products. We focus on the crucial details, from the copywriting to the photography, design, tagging, SEO, and marketing.


Your buyers come from all over… desktop, mobile, social media, brick & mortar, and even your brand site. Your products need visibility.


Amazon has a large customer base with stored payment information. Your customers will be greeted with Amazon’s simple click and checkout.

Store Front

Building an Amazon Store will enhance your customer experience with your product. A curated storefront best showcases your brand. 

Get visibility on Amazon




We're ready to list your brand.

Call us today so we can evaluate your selling needs. We will suggest and scope out your project so you know what to do next.